Exploiting AI to ease/upgrade proposal-development workload

Let’s face it: writing winning business proposal is a challenge. What about exploiting artificial intellligence (AI) to ease/upgrade proposal-development workload? How? Unlock the value of your existing content disseminated accross data repositories such as Office365 and Sharepoint. Find/gather information by extracting insights from web & data search. Say something that rings a bell, not banalities. Personalize your pitch & don’t be dull.

To achieve this, you need 5 ingredients : corporate content/knowledge experts; subject matter experts; top notch proposal writers; pitchers throwing the ball inside the strike zone. And some AI capabilities, of course.

Why is it so difficult to push through and achieve such a goal? My guess: unfocused creative/sale process. At one end, everybody is talking. At the other, nobody is listening. In the middle, where the customer stands, the air is full of noise.

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